How to Apply for Banked Samples

1. Contact ARB

Click here to contact us.

2. Project Planning and Budgeting

You will be asked to prepare a short description of your project, what kind of samples and how many you will need and any linked clinical data you might require. This will help the ARB team identify the right resources that will be needed to support your project. You will also be given a cost estimate of the collections which you can write it into your grant application.

Sample Withdrawal Pricing

Sample Type Volume Price Per Sample
Serum, Plasma, Buffy coat, whole blood sample 0.5-1ml $
Bone marrow (cell pellet) ~20M cells $
Bone marrow (DMSO viable pellet) ~50M cells $
Fresh frozen tissue 5mm x 5mm $
FFPE block (ARB) 1 block $
FFPE block (DHBs) 1 block $
Additional Services
Clinical data provision Per hour $
Microtomy Per block $
Tissue mark up Per H&E slide $
H&E slide Per slide $
Histology service charge (in addition of the above) Per hour $
Tissue processing fee Per application $
Administrative cost Per application $


3. Ethical Approval

Researchers require their own project specific ethical approval to access tissues that have been banked for Future Unspecified Research (FUR) . See Ethics section in How we can help you page

4. Submit a formal Application for Sample Withdrawal form to the ARB

After ethical approval has been obtained from the appropriate Ethics Committee, you need to complete an Application for Sample Withdrawal Form and submit it to the ARB.

The application for sample withdrawal from the bank will be reviewed by its Scientific Advisory Board. Once approved, samples will be released.